Who are we?

Who are we?


To monitor, measure and analyze information

In the information age, media monitoring and content management have become success factors more than ever before. With the tools we provide in Canada and France, we continuously monitor in a 360° vision tool hundreds of thousands of articles, transcripts and columns from all forms of media.

Who are we?


Our varied clientele includes: large companies, government agencies, media companies, advertising and public relations agencies, public libraries, educational institutions and individuals.

« I highly recommend Eureka for its very wide range of content and its consulting services representatives. They have far surpassed the competition in their desire and ability to meet our needs. »

Malcolm Bernard, Director of Communications

Canadian Nuclear Association, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

« Newscan.com service for public and academic libraries breathes new life into information published in the papers. »

Edith Healy

École de technologie supérieure, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Who are we?



Who are we?


Our mission is to provide the best analytical tool for monitoring news in all forms of media to benefit documentation, communications and marketing professionals.

Who are we?

Our values

To do so, we focus on core values that guide our actions:

  • Professionnalism

  • Ingenuity

  • Integrity

  • Respect

  • Cooperation

Our success also depends on an efficient structure, a professional way of doing business and solid expertise. Many of our employees have been with us from the beginning, and new talent is constantly enriching our company's know-how.

Who are we?


While CEDROM-SNi has continued to grow since our founding in 1989, we haven’t lost any of our profoundly human character, cohesion and desire to be a socially responsible company.

We also support many employees who take part in fundraising events.

Our story


The founding of CEDROM-SNi

With the advent of microcomputing, the CD-ROM and the Internet, a group of young entrepreneurs decide to develop a technology that allows the distribution of large volumes of information to personal computers.


Specialization in the distribution of information in the press

CEDROM-SNi convinces publishers in Quebec to entrust the company with the organization, enrichment and archiving of their content on CD-ROM. Libraries become the first clients for these products, which are updated monthly.


Launch of Eureka

With the growth of the Internet and the migration of applications to the Web, Eureka is born. This subscription-based tool lets users access nearly 15 years of newspaper achives and their updates in real time. It also provides access to individual articles via payment by credit card, making it one of the first e-commerce sites in Canada.


Partnership with TC Transcontinental

CEDROM-SNi partners with TC Transcontinental, a leader in printing, media solutions and marketing activation in Canada.


Launch of Newscan.com

CEDROM-SNi launches the English version of Eureka. The tool now provides access to newspaper content in both French and English.


Launch of Europresse

After laying the groundwork in France by publishing the archives of the newspaper Le Monde on CD-ROM, CEDROM-SNi creates Europresse, the European counterpart of Eureka.


Acquisition of French company DIVA-Press

CEDROM-SNi further extends its press coverage by adding specialized titles from around the world. Consistent with this strategy, it acquires the publisher of the online service DIVA, dedicated to economic and financial information.


Integration of GutenbergPresse technology

The acquisition of the technology assets of GutenbergPresse allows the company to launch Scoop, a sophisticated layout module for news monitoring.


Acquisition of Quebec firm Eloda

The company becomes interested in capturing radio and television content, be it information or advertising. To strengthen its product offering in this area, it acquires Eloda's assets, which developed a tool to monitor the broadcasting of advertising content.


Integration of social media

Given the impact of social networks on the media landscape, CEDROM-SNi creates a module to monitor key social media sites.


Launch of Analytik

The time that people spend reading is becoming increasingly limited. Consequently, CEDROM-SNi adds the Analytik module to its arsenal of monitoring tools to produce advanced analyses that assist in decision making.



Association des professionnels de la communication et du marketing (APCM)
Association québécoise des technologies (AQT)
Canadian Public Relations Society
Corporation des bibliothécaires professionnels du Québec (CBPQ)
Groupement des éditeurs de services en ligne
Microsoft Partner Network
Société québécoise des professionnels en relations publiques (SQPRP)
Special Library Association
Association des bibliothèques de droit de Montréal

Our management team

Every member of our management team has extensive experience in the industry. Enthusiasm, professionalism and strategic thinking govern the agenda!