Publishers and content providers

Publishers and content providers

For those who create content

Are you a publisher, a radio or TV broadcaster, or a database producer?

Take advantage of our technology and sales expertise to protect your intellectual property rights and make them work for you. Beyond your usual markets, you can reach thousands of users within a well-established network.


Our strengths



Technology skills that optimize the reuse of your content, regardless of the format



Our knowledge of North American and European markets



Our expertise and copyright management tools

Commercialization services

By entrusting CEDROM-SNi to commercialize your content, you can increase your visibility by accessing new markets and generate additional revenue while reducing your development costs.

We offer three solutions to maximize the use of your intellectual property: 

Publishers and content providers


Integration of your content with our search, monitoring and analytical tools

Used by thousands of customers, our search, monitoring and analytical tools such as and bring together specialized markets composed mainly of companies, communications and public relations agencies, educational institutions and libraries. With these tools, you can give your content a second life while receiving royalties for its use.


Commercialization of your content through intermediaries in targeted professional markets

The reuse of your content follows a policy established together with you and based on your geographic location, your industry and the usage possibilities available.


Commercialization of the content on your site

Are you interested in providing access to your archives (gateway)? Would you like your site visitors to benefit from alerts or be able to clear and pay for electronic reproduction rights directly on the site (Publi-©)? CEDROM-SNi offers online services that can be easily integrated with your site, without requiring an investment on your part in their development.

Publishers and content providers
Publishers and content providers

Conversion services

We offer you the ability to convert any kind of file into a format suitable for online distribution. Such converted files can be used by you or your partners.

Content processing

  • Conversion of desktop publishing files (e.g. QuarkXPress, InDesign or PDF) to XML format

  • Standardization of untagged and unstructured text

  • Data archiving

  • Management of images (photos, graphics, etc.)

Creation of text transcriptions of audio or video content from television or radio programs

  • Speech-to-text conversion technology for search engine optimization and retrieval

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