Our challenges

Our challenges

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"Big data" is at the heart of information technology development.



"Big data" is at the heart of information technology development. We're looking to develop solutions that monitor and analyze increasingly large volumes of data, provide the most relevant information and ensure copyright compliance.

If you have a keen interest in software development, quality assurance, content processing, technology infrastructure or project management, see how you can help us push the boundaries of information.

Develop and improve our solutions

A passion for technology unites our engineers, analysts, software developers, integrators, Web developers and project managers around a common goal: to create and develop solutions that are always effective and meet the expectations of our clients.

Innovation and quality control

Integrate content and design processing tools

Every day, we integrate nearly a million documents, and our technical teams work day and night to ensure their accessibility. As for our developers, they design and engineer tools to speed up the process and make it easier to find relevant information.

Variety, volume and speed

Ensure equipment and infrastructure work properly

We host hundreds of millions of documents spread over three data centers that share more than 300 servers, not counting the computers used by our employees. Our team of technicians and network administrators ensure that everything works smoothly with no interruptions.

Availability, redundancy and security

Create business intelligence systems

To monitor our solutions and infrastructure, our developers analyze and design customized systems. These tools and dashboards give us an accurate portrait of our system processes.

Precision and monitoring



CEDROM-SNi constantly adapts its solutions to meet the needs of users.



CEDROM-SNi constantly adapts its solutions to meet the needs of users. To maintain our lead, we must continue improving our products and services through partnerships and by expanding our markets.

If you have a keen interest in sales, marketing, consulting services or contract negotiations, see how you can contribute to our success by helping us develop our business.

Manage content

To put our tools to use, we've established agreements and we manage relationships with more than 300 publishing partners in different markets. The content management team ensures that our clients get relevant information and implements sales strategies to increase the value of a publisher's content.

Help partners manage copyrights

Hundreds of content aggregators, press clipping agencies, communications firms and public relations agencies electronically reproduce information by the publishers we represent and must pay associated royalties. Our team provides them with solutions that allow them to do so quickly and easily.

Market our solutions

Together with the sales team, our marketing team works to locate potential clients, learn about them and understand their business needs. Using promotional events and tools, we then ensure that they know about our solutions.

Help clients achieve their goals

Our Sales team analyze the needs of our clients with respect to the monitoring, measurement and analysis of information, and then offer a solution that will help them meet their objectives.

Find answers to our clients' needs

Our team of Consulting Services Advisors work to simplify the implementation of our solutions and maximize each client’s return on investment. Our clients are primarily librarians, marketing and public relations specialists, and technical consultants.



We innovate when it comes to technology, management and policies.



We don't just innovate when it comes to technology, but also in our management practices and policies. We constantly strive to improve the performance of our teams, the productivity of the company and the copyright related procedures.

If you have a keen interest in human resources, finance or legal affairs, see how you can help us stay focused on our vision and remain a leader in our industry. 

Contribute to the fulfillment and well-being of employees

Our success depends in large part on the performance of our various teams, their enthusiasm in helping us succeed and their desire to grow with us. The role of our Human Resources team is to ensure that we provide a harmonious and stimulating work environment.

Ensure the financial and operational stability of the company

The management team in Finance and Administration ensures that the company runs smoothly and helps us make informed decisions. They play a major role in helping us prosper as a business by keeping us on solid footing.

Ensure the integrity of our business

Whether dealing with our clients, publishers or any other business partner, our Legal team is responsible for implementing mechanisms and practices to ensure successful relationships. 

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